Why Trinity Arch Prep

The world is rapidly changing, and in the midst of great change, a boy must have a strong sense of self, integrity, concern for others, and courage to pursue his dreams.

We boldly state that we are preparing boys for life rather than preparing boys for school through quizzes, tests, rigid schedules, and “sage on the stage” teaching. Our approach to teaching and learning is forward-thinking, focusing on the individual student and his learning needs and learning style. While our school will include familiar rituals and practices of the boys’ school tradition, we will also offer a unique willingness to try new approaches and prepare our boys for life. We will have high expectations for your sons, knowing that boys must be supported with strong relationships with teachers, tutors, and coaches.

The Trinity Arch Prep Advantage

We will be an intentionally small school community. Some will describe us as a micro-school, but in essence, we are small in size (approximately 24 boys) and yet have a big vision for boys’ education in Phoenix. Our staff-to-student ratio will be 12:1.

Each student will have a personalized, self-paced academic program tailored to his learning needs and style.

We promise that each Trinity Arch Prep boy will be known, loved, understood, and challenged through our Tutor system. Each boy will be assigned a Tutor, a staff member trained to be an effective counselor, advocate, and partner with a boy’s family.

We will have a flexible, hybrid school week with an optional day of school every other Friday and optional days to learn from home.

A robust athletic training and sports program will be woven throughout the school day.

Our co-curriculum program will emphasize the arts and a unique program called “Design and Technology.”

We will have local and regional learning expeditions to deepen our knowledge and understanding of future social, political, and economic problems.

Our global expedition program will include school and homestays with school partners in Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

What We Value Most

We value a transformational education experience for our boys over the “transactional” enterprise that education has become. We are about teaching boys and helping them form a moral and spiritual foundation that follows them throughout life. Finally, we have a burning desire to help families unlock the potential of boys, especially for boys where a traditional school setting has limited their growth and development as middle schoolers.

We care most about what kind of man your son is and will become as he takes his rightful place as a citizen in our community, the nation, and the world. We know this offer of hope is noble and perhaps even impossible to achieve, yet our approach is to put our boys in the driver’s seat for their education. Our curriculum is student-centered rather than designed for the convenience of adults. Though initially reluctant about his role in his education, you will see your son care deeply about what he learns and how he learns at school. Our Christian ethos is based on hope, love, and service to others. One distinguished school in England affirms our commitment to service with this motto:

“To serve well is to lead well.” So we must value and see the best in every boy that walks through our doors and begins the work of transformational growth and change.