Athletics is integral to Trinity Arch Prep School Life

The athletic program at Trinity Arch Prep is an integral part of our school mission and program. We envision that every boy–over time and with great effort– will reach his full potential in a sport. From basketball to spring lacrosse to robotics to interscholastic chess competitions—-every boy will find his sport through our athletics program.

During physical education classes, team practices, and competitive games with other schools, we expect Trinity Arch Prep boys to strive to give their best effort, to find joy in being a contributing member of a team, and, of course, enjoy a sport with passion and heart. Our athletic program captures the essence of our school ethos, where boys learn to value grace by learning to win and lose graciously. Further, excellence in a sport demands hard work, resilience, and confidence in one’s mental and physical abilities. Wednesday afternoons are dedicated to sports practices and competitions.

Basketball Training and Development

Trinity Arch Prep is co-located within the Pyramid Athletic facility, which is known as a world-class basketball training facility in the Valley.

We are committed to an effort to seek out, find and develop emerging junior basketball athletes and rigorously prepare them for next-level competition in high school and beyond. At Trinity Arch Prep, we will combine elite-level basketball training, development, and competition with a strong, personalized academic program for each Trinity Prep scholar-athlete.

Physical Education

Many schools have long abandoned a serious curriculum focused on the physical well-being of middle school boys. We believe that a boy’s physical development is like learning to read. At Trinity Arch Prep, boys will develop “physical literacy,” where our boys will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of numerous sports and the rich rewards of life-long physical activity.