The Philosophy of Trinity Arch Prep Curriculum

Trinity Arch Prep School for Boys is designed as a rehearsal for life. Our mission is to provide a unique and personalized educational experience that nurtures our boys into well-rounded scholars, lifelong learners, and individuals of character. Our ultimate goal is to prepare Trinity Arch Prep graduates (presently 8th grade) for the next phase of their educational journey and life beyond, empowering them to thrive in a world that expects them to embody traditional values and contemporary skills.  A well-prepared Trinity Arch graduate should be able to think critically, reason analytically, communicate effectively, solve problems creatively, and exhibit values-based self-leadership. We measure our success by each boy’s development in these crucial areas. In other words, we prepare Trinity Arch Prep for life, for a life of meaning and purpose.


We tailored our academic curriculum to meet the learning needs of boys aged 10-14, employing innovative methods and an inquiry-based approach. The curriculum encourages boys to take charge of their learning process, integrating their knowledge of core subjects in Math, English, Science, History, and Art. We supplement this with a robust co-curriculum program that includes Music, Chess, Physical Education, Mountaineering, and a unique course called “Design and Technology.”

Our educators, tutors, and teaching fellows embody a deep passion for learning, guiding our students as they explore the world of knowledge inside and outside the classroom.

At Trinity Arch Prep, we emphasize the importance of understanding and contributing to the good society. Our approach to learning is an adventurous journey, seeking to equip, empower, and enable our boys to be the men society needs. We use rotating case studies to align academic outcomes with various social contexts, promoting growth in academic, personal, and leadership domains.

Our learning ecosystems are designed around four key principles:

1. Student-centered: We combine personalized mastery-based learning with active, experiential team-based inquiry learning. Our educational framework, “Learn, Live, Lead, Work,” comprises four academic subject clusters: STEM, Humanities, Arts, and Commerce.

2. Technologically Enriched: We prioritize self-paced, student-centered learning enabled by technology and an online learning platform accessible anytime, anywhere.

3. Conscious of People, Place, and Planet: We foster citizenship at local, regional, and global levels through annual expeditions, Enterprise and Entrepreneur Projects, and associated workshops. Our Community Projects are designed based on our principle of service to others.

4. Intentionally Purposeful: We promote reflective learning through personal development, moral and spiritual formation, community service, leadership experience, and various pursuits in sports, arts, and culture.

At Trinity Arch Prep, we customize each boy’s learning journey by offering opportunities for topic and pathway choice, self-reflection, goal setting, and personal storytelling. We aim to prepare our boys for tomorrow’s world today through these methods.

Co-curricular Program

The Co-Curricular program on Wednesday mornings is designed to expand a boy’s sense of wonder and curiosity through the arts and other enriching activities.

At Trinity Arch Prep, the boys will have options for an extensive range of co-curricular activities, which may include mandatory and elective options:

  • Choir and Music Theory,
  • Studio Art and Art History
  • Swim Instruction
  • Chess
  • Outdoors education program
  • Design and Technology


Student Experience at Trinity Arch Prep

Our educational program is designed to develop a well-rounded young man of character through daily and ongoing opportunities to learn and grow in and out of the classroom. Your son will learn to take ownership of his education and shape his experience at Trinity Arch Prep based on his needs and interests. As a small school community, the boys will be at the center of our school traditions, practices, decisions, and direction.